Dining Etiquette

Elegant Formal Dining Tutorial

A unique hands-on luncheon course tutorial in the private dining room of a 5 star hotel on your location. You will master the complex techniques of refined dining from taking your seat to properly slicing the cheese, passing the Port and mastering the fruit course – with knife and fork…prepare to be amused. Special attention will be given to decoding the nuances of English vs French dining styles, as well as various do’s and don’ts around the globe.

The Art and Etiquette of English Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is a British institution, one bound with codes for the uninitiated, which once mastered, is highly enjoyable. Learn the differences between cream tea, afternoon tea, high tea and royal tea whilst gaining insight into the origins and traditions of teatime. This is a delightful hands-on tutorial including an elegant 4-course tea meal.

The Art of the Table

An executive hands-on session where you will learn to set and manoeuvre a formal table setting, understand European table décor, comprehend the differences between English and French table manners and upgrade your international dining skills. Learn the protocol rules for international placement variations as well as usage of tricky utensils such as the escargot holder, fruit cutlery, coupes vs flutes etc.

Dining Day Courses:

  • Consultation and instruction session including lunch with dining etiquette tutorial
  • Course includes bespoke one-to-one instruction and a formal lunch over a dining etiquette tutorial

Dining Short Courses:

  • Designed to suit your needs
  • Consultation and instruction session including or excluding lunch
  • One-to-one or small groups instruction session including or excluding lunch

Free consultations available for companies to tailor a bespoke workshop that suits their needs