Beaded Necklaces

Beaded Necklaces
Details Glowing cultured pearl rain falls from this Mexican waterfall necklace. Jan..
$75.93 $38.50
Details Narayani collects autumnal citrine leaves in a necklace of scintillating be..
$89.73 $30.92
Details Mysterious and beautiful, green aventurine clusters on a necklace by Rituu...
$73.94 $20.97
Details A beaded strand of purple amethyst is punctuated by round beads of natural ..
$95.32 $48.26
Details "A simple sophisticated style in rich earth tones," says Nonyem Abena Ibene..
$97.15 $68.34
Details India's Chander Kant presents this beautiful necklace. Carved by hand from ..
$68.31 $19.36
Details Clusters of gemstones in cool green tones create a lime sensation. By Naree..
$92.02 $60.36
Details Posing lightly on twins strands, colorful gemstones cluster in an enchantin..
$73.59 $40.35
Details Dazzling in its clarity, rainbow moonstone evokes the clarity of morning li..
$167.21 $114.66
Details Ginger petals conjure a luxuriant flower that blooms deep in the rain fores..
$90.07 $39.12
Details This Shambhala-style necklace glows with the beauty of rose quartz, gem of ..
$50.57 $20.88
Details Sasithon Saisuk combines coconut shell with coconut wood to convey the fore..
$63.30 $24.78