Pendant Necklaces

Pendant Necklaces
Details Indian artisans pair an oval cabochon of rainbow moonstone with over two ca..
$92.73 $50.68
Details Share this beautiful sterling silver token of your affection with your belo..
$76.39 $38.65
Details Evoke the magical glow of the moon with this exquisite crystal necklace, ha..
$129.59 $96.19
Details Zandra Lorena Sajbin exalts the virtues of aesthetic minimalism with the ex..
$121.40 $64.57
Details Sarote Lochotinunt evokes a stylized wheel with this contemporary necklace...
$82.98 $48.09
Details Peruvian artisan Nancy Quispe designs and handcrafts this clever and beauti..
$119.17 $80.77
Details Guillermo Arregui creates this simple, yet elegant pendant necklace from Me..
$106.49 $72.62
Details Inspired by the design of the palm leaves used to hold ketupat, a tradition..
$101.66 $48.13
Details Designing this fantastic accessory, Mexican artisan Marcela Vicente crafts ..
$101.02 $44.33
Details Who could possibly resist this inquisitive cat just waiting for attention, ..
$90.38 $38.94
Details Two strands of silver beads, each featuring its own set of charms stationed..
$139.37 $86.48
Details Share your love of nature's most cheekiest animal with this cool pendant ne..
$84.88 $36.06