Cocktail Ring Gallery

Cocktail Ring Gallery
Details Enclosing a universe of blue, natural sodalite is filled with life. Maria H..
$110.87 $65.42
Details Adorned with dark green jade, a lizard symbolizes the ability to adapt. Raf..
$88.95 $44.88
Details Intriguing labradorite distinguishes this cocktail ring from India's Rakesh..
$85.05 $32.92
Details Amethyst and silver converse, each speaking the language of love. Crafted b..
$89.91 $43.89
Details This stunning cocktail ring by Balinese artisan Buana features a gorgeous f..
$65.29 $38.68
Details Caressing the finger with beautiful butterflies, this cocktail ring is pres..
$73.40 $28.75
Details Carlos González highlights the uniqueness of natural blue-green amazonite c..
$112.45 $76.63
Details Weighing five carats, a natural gemstone of blue sodalite crowns this elega..
$113.39 $64.77
Details Beautifully refracting light, a single piece of handcrafted glass crowns th..
$166.62 $136.63
Details Made from sterling silver, this cocktail ring features motifs that resemble..
$85.41 $36.70
Details Crowning a sterling cyclone, an onyx cabochon displays a deep black hue. Bh..
$64.26 $34.54
Details Superbly crafted of sterling silver, this design is the creation of Buana i..
$116.25 $64.71