Maegan F.

“I think the Easter Etiquette Camp was very beneficial because good etiquette is the icing on the cake and you don’t want bad etiquette to be the thing that creates a bad first impression”.

Serena A.

“Initially, I was apprehensive but it was not any stuffy course. It was very fun and I learned actual skills I will use. I particularly enjoyed voice-coaching with Esther and lunch and learn with Orla. They were very warm and I enjoyed it a lot”.

Aoife. M

“I enjoyed everything I did, especially the lunch and learn with Orla and style with Tanya. I thought it was a fantastic experience and I was able to make new friends”.



Ciara G.

“I found the workshop to be very useful especially when dealing with clients. I had an amazing time and I’m looking forward to applying what I have learnt at work and where ever I go”.

Aisling M.

“I recommend this workshop to anyone as it is very informative and you can learn new coping skills. I was very happy with how everything went in this course. I thought the speakers were very good and got the point across for each module”.

Maureen I.

“I really enjoyed myself as I found it as a good day work for self-esteem and character building. This course is very good for putting you in the right direction with work life skill”.

Rory G.

“I had a brilliant day (and lunch) and I will take away long-term life lessons. I really appreciate all of the efforts made by everyone to make this workshop happen. I found this workshop to be a very good method of forcing people out of their comfort zones and to think about the different areas they cam improve about themselves”.