Free consultations available for companies to tailor a bespoke workshop that suits their needs

Interview Techniques

Did you know that 85% of candidates have lost the job before they even say hello.  We’ll show you how to make the top 15% and to shine in the pressure situation of the interview.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are a must in the modern workplace.  There is nothing worse than a dreary Power Point presentation.  We’ll show you how to present great content with great confidence.

Networking Skills

Do you know the correct way to introduce people?  How do you join a group?  What groups are available for you to join?  There is a lot more to networking than shaking hands and swopping business cards.

Lunch and Learn

Over lunch we will take the opportunity to brush up on our table manners.  Whether it is silver service or soup and a sandwich, we’ll show you the proper way.

Voice Coaching

Does your voice shake when you speak to a crowd?  Can the people in the second row hear?  We will train you how to control your voice in a difficult situation and how to project to the back of the room.