Free consultations available for companies to tailor a bespoke workshop that suits their needs

Presentation Skills

Do you feel nervous, your palms sweat, your stomach ties itself into knots?  Not for long!  We have all the resources to show you haw to create amazing presentations and deliver them with confidence.

Interview Skills

The stakes are high and someone else is in control.  Being able to shine in an interview situation is something within all of us.  We’ll show you how to make a great impression.

Voice Coaching

Can you hear me down the back?  Our professional coach will train you how to control your voice in a difficult situation and how to project to the back of the room.


We all know how to use technology, but are we making the right impression?  Our industry expert will condense years of experience in to top tips for keeping you out of trouble.

Lunch & Learn

Over lunch we will take the opportunity to brush up on our table manners.  Whether it is silver service or soup and a sandwich, we’ll show you the proper way.

Dress for Business

Is it the big interview or casual Friday?  Our style guru will work with you to develop a great look for every professional occasion.